Into the mind of a Murderer (The Thoughts of Gerren)

Session 7:
Things were going somewhat well for once. Stayed in the Outskirts of Reefa for a while, making conscious efforts to avoid arousing suspicions with our strange companions. Slowly, yet surely more and more of them hatched, some being egged on by these “Dragons” and some by their Bearers. Each one seems to have taken on aspects of the Bearer, such as mine. A dark colored Bird which seems to have an inclination towards more shaded arts.

The Slave I was chasing eluded me. Not very good for my reputation. She’s rather attractive I think. Was hoping to follow her to her Master. Seems like a slaver would be a good target. Also win me some favor with the lass.


In the midst of a conversation between me, Hat, and Wings a “Dragon” scratched on the window. I had reacted before all others, opening the window. It was definitely in a state of panic. It did not react to my inquiries. It flew out of the window. Wings urged us to follow, so I did. Out the window and into the streets below, we followed the Dragon towards the desert.It wasn’t until this point I was able to place with whom I had seen the Dragon. With the Amnesiac and Dart, the Thundercat. We encountered a large elemental. Air, taking the shape of a raging Whirlwind. Inside lay the Amnesiac. Almost dead. A status I’ve seen before. I drew my bow and knocked an arrow. Getting close would mean getting sucked in, can’t risk that. Scroll changed into something and flew in. Mouth moved, elemental left. No Blood.

Heading back to town, a number of wanted posters were placed about the outskirts. It had many of the faces the group I was associating with possessed. We settled upon disguises. I moved into an alley way. No one around, perfect time. Right as I finished the disguise I had a bad feeling. My gut is usually right. It’s a wonderful tool in my line of work. I started to move forward to the other side but was to late. A click and something was on my neck. I looked over my shoulder. The Slave. It was only a moment before she clarified what she had just done. A slave collar around my neck, her symbol engraved granting her mastery over the item and by extension the person. A Blade, an Arrow, Poison. Many ways to obtain revenge yet the most sensible action seemed to be waiting this out. I spoke out about the situation, expressing my discomfort. She responded with a Muzzle which came from the collar. No vocalization possible. Useful for spellcasters, no doubt.

I was escorted out of the Alleyway by way of chain. Wings caught view of me in my disguise, became suspicious. He moved forward, catching the women’s attention. She was displeased at his measures, claiming me as his slave and having his dragon attack a small section of my neck. A side note, that hurt and was very uncomfortable. She scoffed and collar’d him as well. He started laughing rather maniacally and his arm began to glow. It lasted only a moment before she started off with us. We arrived at a tower of sorts, me still muzzled, much to my discontent. Upon our arrival in a room, obviously arcane in purpose, the rest of our part was pulled into the room by magic. Our situation clear, much of the party decided to try to arrange our release. She released Wings, though not me. Out of her pocket came the recipe for the cure that we were hunting down. Dart, in all his damned audacity, decided I was but a bargaining tool. A thief without honor is what he is. I may be a murderer but I have a code! He claims he wants “friends” yet he trades people like cattle. She accepts the trade and stands, grabbing the chain hanging from my neck and walks through the wall, down to the city and out to the desert. The last thing I see is Dart walking through the door, Recipe in hand. I swear I will sell his fur to a rug merchant.

Finally, she removed the damn muzzle. With a Kiss, no less. I try to do this women a favor and she buys me? After a few moments, the party catches up, Dart no where to be seen. The continue to vie for my release as we walk farther and farther. Something about her hood doesn’t seem right. I reach for it, tugging lightly. A “Dragon” significantly bigger than my own erupts from within. My own dragon, the bastard moves from her hiding place as well. The two seem to start fighting. With a practiced hand, I drew my bow and knocked another arrow. This damned collar, this gods-damned collar disarmed me, my wrists bound together a foot in front of me, chained to the collar. Once we get to where we were going, some desert ruin, the woman places the chain on the floor. A quick tug and It turns out that it’s magically held to the damned floor, like a dog staked in a yard. Well, atleast the Reagents to the cure are here, which Dart does not know.

On a side note, she claims to continue to allow me to adventure and continue my profession as long as I “bring her along.” What does that even mean?

Into the mind of a Murderer (The Thoughts of Gerren)

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