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My Dragon
My Tiger
My Chocobo
My Hawk

Born silent in a loud world over a century ago, the Little Fire knew only how to care for herself and please Savored Sting. Both were relatively easy, considering most paid her no mind and did not dedicate her to the church. Her dark red dreads, slight hourglass build, and piercing blue eyes could win her many favors with the ways of Calistria, but she had no wish for flaunting and spying. With only her bow and her hawk, Flutterby, to accompany her through the trees there was no life more peaceful in all of her quadrant name.

But things changed inside of her the day of the dream. A quest of many rooms and wooden shaft hornets, it was strange to be in the company of other humanoids. But, they seemed decent enough, no one pressuring her to talk or pursuing her silence. So, she continued on, through the skeletons and traps, not a hawk but a dire tiger by her side. So strange, for there are no dires in all of her quadrant that she has ever heard, yet this one was hers alone. Many traps were triggered and magical occurrences to top them all. But what of the magic water where the ghost dwarf roamed? Or the rooms left unexplored for the dread that lay in store? Back the way we came, where riches lay in mounds. And among these treasures, lay one that would mean so much more. From dreamland it came, and again so it went, for all too soon it was time to wake. Little did this Fire know, her dreams would hold more meaning in the end.


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