The jerkwad, quasi-buddhist, blue magic hippie.



A complete backstory of this cantankerous druid would be almost entirely impossible. As a Samsaran and Reincarnate Druid of Cernunnos, Oshala’s past spans an unknown number of lifetimes, species, genders, and possibly planes. Though his seemingly casual acceptance of suddenly finding himself in the middle of the desert with no memories of why he was there may confuse others, it is an occurrence that happens at least once every few decades. In fact, his memories of past lives seem like half-forgotten dreams.

Despite this, highlights tend to stick in his memory, and he gets a perverse pleasure from dropping comedic moments of his former lives. Such as the 27 years he spent living as a Kobold prostitute or the lifetime married to a maenad. Strangely enough, in all his remembered experiences, he has never seen nor heard of pseudodragons or chocobos.


Short and lithe, even for the slender Samsarans, the druid’s unusually pale skin and swirling tattoos seem otherworldly combined with his quiet and strange mien.

As is usual for his race, Oshala lets his blue hair fall about his shoulders, often allowing it to grow wild. His lean, unlined face and angular brows lend a feral edge that is softened a bit by dark gray eyes. Though often eschewing the company of other humanoids, he is never to be found without the blue viper that is his companion (often seen curled around his neck, nuzzled into his hair).


Oshala has a tendency to mistrust others and prefer the company of the wilds, even as he strives to do good by both nature and other people (much as he may find them trying). Despite this, he can be almost charmingly brazen, and tends to be quick-witted whenever he finally decides to speak. Often uncomfortable when left alone with his lifetimes of memories (more than often dwelling on the many tragedies he has seen or experienced), he is almost compelled to fill his time with anything from menial tasks to minor deubachery.

Wound throughout his entire character are two strange traits: a fierce protectiveness for his companions/allies, and the strange worldview that only those who have experienced multiple lives can appreciate.

His reverence of Cernunnos may be confusing to some, as Oshala tends to be more obviously on the side of Good. Like Cernunnos, Osala is a staunch believer in Death’s status as a necessary part of life. Unlike his chosen deity, however, Oshala chooses to aid to the weak and injured, preventing unnecessary suffering when possible, and only ending life as a last resort.

An interesting/disturbing note: As a side effect of having been so many species/gender combinations, he tends to show a bit more… appreciation… for attractive physical specimens. This makes the inclusion of so many high-charisma characters uncomfortably amusing at times.


Lightning seems to be barely sentient… Okay, obviously sentient, but extremely derpable. Like all pseudodragons, he is quite a bit stronger and more capable of violence than would be assumed from his size; or would be if he weren’t so friendly to everything in existence. Judging from that, it can only be assumed that, over time, he will be a good influence on Oshala. Although, as of right now, he only serves to bemuse and infuriate his human companion.



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