Aodhfin "Grim" Sephtis

Strix Barbarian, with a skill for languages


Massive health and strength. Uses a scythe and his ability to fly in battle to fight.
Due to a curse he bears on his arm and an over enchanted scythe, Grim takes on an almost demonic form when enraged. His physical appearance as well as his scythe’s take on a much darker form.scythe_by_orphen_sirius-d5a3qqm.jpg


Aodhfin Sephtis, or Grim (a nickname more preferred than giving his true name), is an 18 year-old male Strix that lives alone in the Trasa forests. To the few places he visits, he is seen as an outsider at best, rarely given a peaceful moment when in crowds. Most humanoids are particularly ill favored of him for reasons beyond his understanding, but this has in turn caused him to hate most of the people he meets, despite what they might say. Grim has not led an easy life. He is slow to trust others and not easily approached, but he is also loyal beyond compare. If and when he should make true allies, he will, without hesitation, sacrifice everything he is for their safety. Grim carries a scythe as his main weapon. His is accompanied by a red fire pseudo dragon. At some point, probably around the time he met his dragon, Grim had a curse placed upon his entire right arm. On it are various runes and symbols, the only ones deciphered so far are that of “resist fire”, “strength”, and “benumbed”. Grim has almost no feeling in the arm, but still possesses full mobility and control.


“Look into the eyes of Death, and beg for mercy.”

Aodhfin "Grim" Sephtis

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