Damien Dominic D. the IV


Quick and intelligent, with a civilized manner. He has a small gambling addiction and can be easily angered and prompted into a challenge if he feels that his manhood is in question. He mainly relies on a short sword and a light cross bow. for defense he uses padded armor and a buckler so his movement won’t be impeded. Though having the talents of a bard, he usually depends on his on strength in battle to prove he can hold his own. He is currently training to be a pathfinder Chronicler.


Son of Damien the III, Damien the IV has spent most of his Youth being educated to take his fathers place when he gets older. He has learned the histories of each area, (which he had access to.) both to read and write in several Langues, and how to be civilized. Though he access in his studies in youth, as he got older he spent more time hunting and gambling around town. This lead his father to believe he wasn’t responsible enough to take his family’s title. Damien IV took this a challenge against his integrity and has set out to prove his worth.

He also searches for his good friend, Ramsey, who was the the butler who practically raised him. He sees Ramsey as his greatest mentor and teacher and wishes to ask him to join his quest and to hire him back as his personal adviser. Ramsey was more of a father than Damien the III ever was.

Damien Dominic D. the IV

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