Urban Catfolk, Murderer by Trade


The Armor! assassin_by_mineworker-d419vqv.jpg

The Mask! il_fullxfull.318332459.jpg

Like all Urbanized Catfolk, Gerran possesses short fur over some of his body. It maintains a light grey color with somewhat leopard like patterns in black. His irises are an almost feral yellow surrounding slitted pupils. His build is also similar to his race’s average. Sleek, agile, compact musculature, and Lightweight. All fitting attributes for his line of work. His hair, somewhat lengthy and often pulled back, bears a brighter color than his fur, more comparable to white. His ears start with the same color as his hair, though turning to black a fourth of the way towards the tip and maintaining the same color throughout. Sprouting from the nape of his back is a tail. The tail is a light grey aswell, bearing the same markings that his fur does. The tip of his tail is deep black, however, due to a (seemingly dormant) curse.



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