Session Number 5

Hatching Day

The group started trading for their gear in the Thri-Kreen tribal marketplace, when their eggs (formerly known as the rocks that had teleported them together) began to grow and crack. They could see the outlines of their birds and had to spend several weeks stuck with their hatching eggs. Afterwards they followed their newly given hidden message towards Reefa to attempt to obtain the cure for the people still alive in Gen. Currently the population in Gen is critically low and may be gone by the time the adventurers return. The messenger joins the team, because he has a pseudodragon and an egg, and wants to learn more about why his dragon is retarded. After almost dying on the two week trek across the desert, they would have ensuing adventures separately.

Aednat’s point of view:
Conducting our business in the town of the Mantes people, I have received an adolescent peach tiger. Once failing at bonding with it at the vender, I was given a muzzle and lead for the tiger and I returned to the main shopping tent district. There, my egg-rock began to glow and become warm. Upon showing affection, it grew and then hatched 7 days later into the legend Chocobo. We then head to Reefa to discover the cure that they kept secret from the world to discourage visitors to their evil city. Drawing close to the city a few weeks later, a possible large group of desert guerrilla fighters. Once letting my tiger free, the very large group of animals and people uncovered themselves and the newest entry to the party tranced it to return to the cart that we hired to span the desert. The catfolk slave [slavery is illegal in all quadrants] ensured our safe entry and then we disguised the chocobos and dragons as common items in order to enter the outer-city marketplace. Grim and the newcomer went to the library. While traveling to buy saddle leather, tiger armor, and assortments, I rescued my hawk, Flutterby, from a cage. I head to the jewelry shop, sending my hawk after Grim to help raise the selling price of my bracelets.



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