Session Number 3


Everyone arrives at the bustling City of Shottas and follows Der’ja to his nip farm only to meet two new people, an ifrit and a dwarf. They have a quest from separate cities of the Desert district(who have now been waiting for several weeks) to receive the medicine from any of the nip farmers along the fertile shores of the volcanic river. Grim settled a fight and made a deal with each party when they saw another member who has been on their team before floating down the river (drowning.) Der’ja saves her and is assaulted by her rainbow pseudodragon. They decide to go to the bath-house since it was too late to begin their quest. They accidentally blow a hole in the wall of the bath-house and Snow decides to take her own path. The next morning everyone heads out to the elevators to begin their mission. The Dwarf shoots the operator in the ear, ripping it off. From this point on the group will be persecuted when trying to change quadrants. The episode ends when they meet a large water elemental when moving across the crossroads.



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