Session Number 1

Our adventurers begin their storyline with a jolt out of reality. They are dragged out of their timelines by small egg shaped rocks, which, with even a touch drag them through a void to a snowy sanctuary where they are immediately beset by Gnomes. They have been invited to a set of ruins which have long since been abandoned by its creators. The Gnomes guard these ruins with their lives, and laugh greatly at the expense of the adventurers. The adventurers quickly solve the puzzle of the entryway and find themselves in an almost linear dungeon. They are confounded by water with mysterious properties and almost battle huge fire elemental snakes. The water allows them to enter doorways and interacts with the runes of the creators of these ruins in ways that most other things will not. They work their way back and forth through the ruins, but are forced from examining the last tunnel by the advent of a extra planar drider, although they do not know this name and have never seen anything like it before. They save their unconscious friend from being eaten by the drider and wear it down until it finally dies. The party goes to leave their adventure with loot of gold and literature and are joined by friends from an adventure that took place long ago, which none of them can remember due to a magic attack.



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