Session 2: Day of the Temporal Shift

~ Today, Jared, Johnathan and I had a campaign where we were reviewing a past dungeon that was erased from our memories after completion. The events were as follows:
*First room: Orc triggers a trap, turns into a pink female, and runs from the dungeon as her armor falls from her body. Small dining room attached with enchanted food, which enrages the tiger lady after she opens a servant door with a skeleton warrior behind, whom dies quickly. The small cat rogue knocked her out, as we leave the room and throw the tiger lady into the next enchanted door. She then transforms into a Thundercat and looses her previous memory. We then continue down the hall, and enter a second room.
*Second room: Tiger lady walks across room to the right corner barrel, stepping over three trip wires. Eventually, a rock turned into a pearl-like marble by a enchanted pressure plate, and two door handles to fancier door handles after being dipped in the second barrel. The third trip wire splits the cat guy’s tail, the second makes the bird man paraplegic, and the first is never triggered. But, the cat guy takes the split pressure plate and throws it into the open barrel, which begins smoking, causing us all to run to then next room and close the doors.
*Third room: My tiger, yes I have a tiger for this, opens the next door, as a ghost dwarf warns us to not do so. He then teleports us to a room similar to the river room from the current dungeon, with a throne. The water makes the bird man and cat boy go nuts, while my tiger is unskeletalized. The two are questioned by the ghost as I sat in the throne. Soon, we are sent back into the previous room, which we leave through the second room, which is now coated in solidified, cool lava, and into the hallway. We open the end door.
*Fifth room: The room has two doors and a small pressure plate in the center. The two doors lead to a single room of gold, where we meet four dragons, a gold dragon for me, a black dragon for Jared, a red dragon for Johnathon, and a rainbow dragon for the tiger lady. The dragons are telepathic, so the gold dragon communicates with me just fine. The dragons gift us with gold items.
We then leave the dungeon and all the characters were hit in the head with black arrows, erasing our memories and the dragons went away with our newly acquired belongings. I left that time believing it was all a dream.
~ Returning to the present dungeon, the arena, pj has fainted as we face a drider. After being easily defeated by me, and a little of Jared, we loot the body, and these shadows appear on the ground. The dragons reappear, and give us our stuff back. After a small, ill-remembered reunion, the dragons return to the river room, and Jared fills his goblet with the healing waters.



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