• Our walled lands are fertile and mostly peaceful until recently. The diverse ecosystems and populations have kept our people without want for as long as lore has been passed down. There will always be individuals that are more powerful than others, but people have started to grow slightly frustrated with the hierarchical structures which govern our many peoples. Some cultures have started working to change the way their areas are ran, whether these renegade groups will be successful or not is for the fates to decide. Every quadrant is filled with many diverse cultures and languages which have created strong individual ties to one’s peoples and lands; however, these ties have not lead to many wars. The populations of each people are such that warring is something that has not really been considered much of an option. For those who live closer to the walls, their daily lives can be slightly altered due to the changes in weather and sunlight. They have adapted by growing different crops and raising more animals. A few hundred years ago, the gnomes created the elevators that have allowed species between sections greater interactions with one another. Now travel has reached the level of ease where almost anyone can travel anywhere for the right price. However, this openness has caused many gnomish deaths, and there are very few left. Every race has its place in this world, and the level of homeostasis has been slowly declining. With certain races beginning to decline in power and number, their contributions to the world’s ecosystems are declining as well. With rebellions running rampant, disease beginning to crop up, and inter-species interactions declining there may be little time to rejuvenate the small space. Very few are aware of all the problems that reside within their beautiful, self-preserved world.